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About Us


Fitness Friends is a Human performance company that help people to reach higher and achieve more.

It is registered by Name FITNESS FRIENDS PRIVATE LIMITED  under Minister of corporate affair, Govt of India  with Corporate Identity Number of  Company is U74999HR2018PTC073728

We Put people in best position to take control of their health so can achieve their life goals.

Healthy living being is mentally sound, focused, energetic, prompt, efficient and enthusiastic

As per Science there are two important factors which impact human performance

i)                    80% of human performance depend on Nutrition intake

ii)                   20% on Physical training or workout schedule.

We provide customized fitness and wellness solutions to individuals and for corporations, government agencies, property management groups, universities, retirement communities and hospitals.

We all know fitness goals  can only be achieved by  proper knowledge and nutrition. We are helping out People to achieve there Goal with affordable and Genuine products. As we all aware most Sports Supplements available in Market are either duplicate or non Genuine and if some companies are selling genuine products but charging a huge amount so it’s our responsibility to deliver genuine products with affordable prices to each one of you so that each one of us will have minimum burden on our Pocket. And cost doesn’t come in-between our Health

Corporate Fitness Works has a long-lasting commitment to our clients. We deliver more than just management services, we develop intimate relationships and effective programs that inspire all to champion their own well-being, positively impacting the clients we serve.

We develop solution that are affordable and suitable for each clint.our management solutions are cost effective but extremely productive and profitable. Our team is extremely versatile and progressive in managing all types of onsite fitness centers to meet the needs of all facilities. We take a very proactive approach to management .that why all our properties are meticulously operated and supported by our team

Our Core Values

  • Optimal Health—We will empower individuals to live the highest quality of life possible by helping them connect their lifestyle habits to their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. We will enable healthcare providers and wellness service providers to identify, intercept, and prevent health problems before they occur with evidence-based actionable data.
  • Excellence—We continuously strive for excellence in our people, in our product, and in the level of service we provide to our clients. We will exceed customer expectations, provide exemplary service, and continually strive to improve.
  • Integrity—We will do the right thing, even if no one will notice.
  • Passion—We have a deep-seated and intense belief in what we are doing – not only the good we are trying to achieve in the world but also the way in which we are doing it. This belief creates strong enthusiasm inside us as we approach our work and creates a dedication to doing it right.

Fitness Friends focus on each and every aspect for Human performance but Nutrition is the most super prime key factor.


1)      Seminar on health and fitness—we educate people with all below scientific facts on health and wellness

i)                    Individual Goal and correct  Nutrition Perspective

ii)                  Body composition and Metabolism

iii)                Essence of Nutrition/Sports Nutrition and Indian Diet

iv)                Macro/micro nutrition and there role in nutrition diet

v)                  Energy system

vi)                Use of Sports Supplements

vii)              Myth of Supplements

viii)            Workout training Guidance

ix)                Nutritional Diet guidance to cure common Diseases for eg. Cholesterol, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, PCOS and other hormonal issues.

x)                  Nutritional Diet guidance for Sports performance enhancing for eg. Marathon running, Boxing, wrestling, Gym, Cross fit etc

2)      Sports Nutritionist  and Dietitian 

3)      Sports Coach and Fitness Trainer

4)      Gym and Workout place Designing and Establishment

5)      Sports Supplements Retailer



If you call us in the middle of the night with a question, we’ll be there for you. If your motivation is flagging, we’ve got your back. We’re obsessed with creating the best fitness site out there because we love hearing about your success 

Fitness Friends Private limited—IF THERE IS HEALTH THERE IS WEALTH


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